Generally speaking, if you are fond of dogs, you would want the best for your dog, right. To be specific, you start moving in the right direction in regard to taking good care of your dog when you learn as much about your dog’s breed as possible. One of the important aspects in regard to taking good care of canine pets is that of nutrition. This article looks at some need to know information for those of you thinking about acquiring the world’s smallest dog on record. This is your chihuahua. In line with the importance of nutritional requirements for precocious pets, you will be looking out for the best food for chihuahuas.

Take care of this first, and then you can head off to your nearest pet store or specialist dog handler who can help you out with a perky little dog. It was not always well known to all, but the Chihuahua dog is an extremely busy hive of activity in comparison to other dog breeds. This means that in accordance with its remarkably small size and weight, it can consume a lot more food than other dogs. Forty to fifty calories per pound of Chihuahua weight is the recommendation. This means that you can expect this little one to be chowing, on average, up to two hundred and fifty calories of food per day.

Health-wise, it remains essential to limit those meal portions to bite size chunks if you will. In other words, meals should be small. Conveniently for the dog, it can expect to enjoy three to four meals a day. On average, dogs would normally be fed once or twice a day. Because the Chihuahua is energy active, there is going to be an emphasis on protein intake. The protein rich diet will help the little dog to function healthily. Now, do not under any circumstances feed a Chihuahua your left over’s. By focusing on recommended diets and specialist dog food brands recommended, you avoid heart and stomach problems.

best food for chihuahuas

These chaps may buzz and eat a lot, but at heart, they remain rather sensitive creatures as is popularly known. And it is incumbent upon you to maintain discipline when feeding your animal. Do not go all soft on the creature when it gives you that look. It is one of the oldest of those in the book of tricks of small dogs. While measuring meal portions, you will also have to take care of the dog’s age. For puppies under the age of three months small portions of food need to be freely available during the course of the day. However, it is important to monitor this and ensure that free fresh food or bag feed does not go stale.

As the dog matures to adult age, it is ideal to endeavor to limit meals to three times per day. That fourth meal is reserved for those dogs that are exceptionally active and healthy.